When Confusion is a good thing…


We always look at the Tower of Babel story found in Genesis in the negative. If you don’t know the story, you can read it in Genesis 11.


Here’s a brief rundown…


After the flood of Noah (found in the previous chapters of Genesis), the people began to multiply yet again and fill the Earth just as the Lord had commanded. But then, for whatever reason, they started to migrate to one area of the world. They also had one language and one common speech which many believe that they had one common goal in mind. And that goal was to make a name for themselves (sound familiar???)


Not good.


So they started to build their own city, and in that city, they began building a tower that they hoped would reach the heavens.


Also not good.


Their desire to build a name for themselves must’ve really hit a nerve with The Lord because the Bible says that He actually came down to see what they were doing! In fact, it says it twice!


After seeing what they were doing, The Lord says to Himself that if they did this thing then nothing would be impossible for them. So he confuses their language so that the people get so frustrated and begin to scatter over the world. Hence the reason why we have languages today (although those barriers have been brought down by apps like “Babel”. How ironic!).


I see SO MANY parallels in this story with what is going on today. With social media, every single person is trying to make a name for themselves. Everyone is building their own tower that they hope will reach the heavens. But is success wrong? No. Is building a name for yourself wrong? Probably.


So why is this negative story actually a positive one?? Why did I say confusion can be a GOOD thing???


Here are some thoughts….


First off, I’ve been reading a book called Rebel For God by Christian music pioneer Eddie DeGarmo, a fantastic read for Christian musicians, or any musician really, who wants to know how to make it in music. He worked hard! Anyway, I came across a video interview of him and he explained how overnight success can be a really terrible thing for any artist. When, or if, it happens when the artist can fall very quickly because they can’t handle the pressure or they become very full of themselves. And we all know that haughtiness comes before a fall! So it’s best to develop deep roots and experience the lows of failure before climbing the ladder of success (or tower…). In failure, we develop a very important character trait called ‘humility’. God takes us through many tests and trials before we reach any kind of success to see where our hearts really are. That’s the truth! As Joyce Meyer once said, as many people as we can help through our ministry is also the same number that we can HURT. So we better be prepared for success.


Sometimes God indeed confuses our plan.


Secondly, sometimes God confuses our plan to make way for a better one. A MUCH better one. Could you imagine if the people building the tower of Babel actually succeeding in building a tower that reached the heavens? (First off, how would they breathe well that high up in the air??? Just random Dez thoughts!) If thousands of people succeeded in working with ONE goal in mind the world as we know it would be FAR more advanced then it is now. God wanted to slow down their progress.


Lastly, God knows when a plan we have is going to hurt us, or worse yet, hurt a lot of other people. Maybe we have unrepented sin in our lives that may be further exposed as we climb the ladder of success, and he keeps us low until we deal with it. The world may tell us to never give up on our dreams BUT maybe God is indeed telling us to “give it up!” Again, our dreams whatever they may hurt others more than help.


Psalm 127:1-5 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builders build in vain”. So take a good look at what you’re building. Is God in a sense confusing your plans and nothing you’re doing is succeeding? Have you taken a good hard look at your motives for wanting what it is you want?


Even though this is hard, God means it for good. Pray and seek His wisdom as you try to build your life. I pray you are building on the rock of His word. God bless. – Dez


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